Camp Informatique took place July 23-30, 2008 in Sokode, Togo. The goal of the camp was to give students of Region Central a basic knowledge of computers that would aid them in their university or post-high school studies.

The idea was conceived and directed by Gbati Nadjombe and Peace Corps Volunteer Rebecca Hunt. Lycee La Grace generously donated the use of their computer lab, and Plan Togo funded the project.

We invited the 20 best girl and boy students in class "seconde" from 12 Lycees in Sokode and 8 in Region Central. 19 girls attended the camp from July 22-24, and 16 boys attended from July 28-30. The enthusiasm and interest in the camp was evident in all the students. A major factor in the success of this project was that there was at least one computer for every student, and that at 4-5 hours were spent every day using the computers.